Prepworks Chopping Mat Set (6)

Product Description

Organise your kitchen and prevent risk of cross-contamination between foods! This Prepworks Chopping Mat Set contains a set of thin, flexible colour-coded chopping mats. They're made from plastic, which keeps your knife blades nice and sharp. And, in case you forget, each board has a picture in the corner of what's meant to be chopped on it!


  • Mats made from thin, flexible plastic;
  • Each mat features an image, to highlight what is meant to be chopped on that particular mat and to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Mat dimensions 38cm x 28cm.

Set Contains:

  • Green mat for veggies and bread.
  • Red mat for red meats.
  • Yellow mat for chicken.
  • Blue mat for fish.
  • Plus two bonus 19 x 28cm mini white mats everything else.

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