KitchenAid Cook Processor

 KitchenAid Cook Processor available now for in store purchases.

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KitchenAid Cook Processor

All-in-one cooking at the touch of a button is now made possible.  KitchenAid present their latest Cook Processor bench top appliance that comes with everything it needs.  This easy to use Cook Processor will amaze you with its capabilities and is perfect for those new to cooking, for experienced cooks who love to experiment as well as busy families that want to provide home cooked healthy meals. 

Engineered to make cooking fun and simple, this Cook Processor comes with 6 preset cooking functions, namely boil, fry, stew, steam, puree and dough.  Within each of these functions there are different modes which have different times and temperatures.  These times and temperatures can be varied in order to develop, or tweak your recipes.

The big 4.5 Litre Bowl is used to create culinary masterpieces using the pre-set cooking functions and can also chop, mince, mix, emulsify, whip and stir using the supplied Stir Assist, MultiBlade or Dough Blade.  This Stainless Steel Bowl features an aluminium base for evenly distributed heat and precise cooking temperatures up to 140°C.  The StirAssist system gently stirs and folds ingredients for even cooking which is perfect for making risottos. Other included accessories include the easily removed, BPA free, see-through hinge lid with 100 ml quantity measuring cup.  This makes it easy to see how your meal is progressing and assists in adding liquid into your ingredients without removing the lid. A Mini-Bowl and incredibly sharp Mini-Blade fit inside the larger Bowl and make short work for smaller chopping and mixing jobs. The Egg Whip fits in the Bowl and is expertly designed for optimal whipping results for cream, eggs, mousses, soufflés and the like.  Three different sized and shaped Steamer Baskets are perfect for simultaneous and healthy cooking.

Beautifully presented, this Cook Processor features an LED display which shows the cooking temperature, remaining cooking time, cooking mode and function.  The Temperature, Quick Stir, Pulse, Time buttons make it easier to manually prepare, cook or tweak dishes  The large Dial, Speed Lever, Start/Pause and Cancel Buttons add to the easy to use functions.

The timeless and iconic die-cast metal design comes in a variety of stunning colours and even has some added extras to help you get the best out of this wonder appliance.  The Free Cook Processor Cookbook has beautifully presented recipes for everyday cooking with simple instructions. The Free Cook Processor App offers fantastic recipes, videos and ideas and is available for download.  The website is a fantastic reference for all product information, recipes and much more.

  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 41.1 cm (h) × 31.4 cm (w) × 34.2 cm (d);
    • Colour: Empire Red;
    • Also available in Candy Apple Red, Onyx Black, Medallion Silver & Almond Cream;
    • Material body: Die-cast metal;
    • Material lid: BPA-free plastic;
    • Capacity bowl: 4.5 L;
    • Max liquid capacity fill line: 2.5 L;
    • Max. wattage: 1500 W;
    • Wattage motor: 450 W;
    • Wattage heating element: 1050 W;
    • Revolutions per minute (blade): 80 – 2300 RPM;
    • Power cord length: 100 cm;
    • LED display which shows the cooking temperature, remaining cooking time, cooking mode and function;
    • Easy to operate – Temperature button, Quick Stir button, Pulse button, Time buttons, large Dial, Speed Lever, Start/Pause button and Cancel button;
    • Timeless and iconic die-cast metal design;
    • Free App available for download – Apple Store (iPad) or Google Play (Android devices);
    • Bowl and lid are dishwasher safe;
    • 2 Year Manufacturer's guarantee.
  • Extra Information

    • Standard Accessories:
    • 4.5 L cooking bowl;
    • Hinged lid and measuring cup;
    • StirAssist Attachment;
    • Multi Blade Attachment;
    • Dough Blade Attachment;
    • Egg Whip Attachment;
    • Mini-Bowl and Mini-Blade;
    • Steamer lid, upper, inner and lower steamer baskets;
    • Cook Processor Cookbook;
    • Spatula;
    • 6 Pre-set Cooking Functions;
    • Boil – soups, bisque, jams, jellies, stock, vegetables;
    • Fry – stir fries, oriental-styled dishes, onions, scrambled eggs and bacon;
    • Stew – sauces, risotto, stew, béarnaise, mayonnaise and ratatouille;
    • Steam – fish, vegetables, chicken and dumplings;
    • Puree – baby food, humus and dips;
    • Dough – pizza and bread.