Aris Simmer Mat

Product Description

Aris Simmer Mat

The ARIS SimmerMat is a uniquely designed heat diffuser or heat transfer plate that helps control the temperature of your cooking surface to ensure long slow cooking. It gives all cooks superb heat control and is suitable for using on most cooking surfaces for perfect simmering every time.

Do you have problems with food catching and sticking on your pots when you cook? The ARIS SimmerMat heat transfer device will eliminate the need for harsh cleaning, prolonging the life of your cookware by protecting it from damage.

* Simple to use, just place on the cooktop and place your pan on top;

* Made from high quality steel;

* For glass, ceramic or induction place points down on the cooking surface;

* For gas, electric or solid fuel cookers, place points up on the cooking surface;

* Ideal for all slow cooking;

* Dishwasher safe;

* Reduces pollution from steam & cooking smells in your home by keeping them in the pot;

Dimensions:  20 x 20cm.


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