Bartender Granite Gin/Whisky/Rum/Spirit Stones w/ Velvet Storage Bag/Pouch 6pc

Product Description

Made from high-quality granite stone, this set of six Bartender Gin Stones (with black velvet pouch) will cool your favourite drink with ease.

Odourless and tasteless, when frozen the stones will keep your spirit (gin, whisky, rum, etc), white wine and even soft drink cool, eliminating the need for ice cubes that melt.


Includes six high-quality granite stones.

Velvet storage pouch.

Odourless and tasteless.

To clean, simply rinse with water.


To use, simply place the stones in the freezer for at least four hours. When your drink is ready, pop three to four stones into the glass and enjoy!

$18.00 $24.95