Grand Fusion Re-usable Silicone Food Wraps (4 Piece)

Product Description

Grand Fusion Re-usable Silicone Food Wraps (Set of 4)

Stretch, grip, and seal! These super flexible Silicone Food Wraps from Grand Fusion stretch up to 2 times their size to fit containers of various sizes and shapes. They create an airtight seal keeping food fresher for longer. Made from food grade silicone, these wraps are BPA-free, eco-friendly, reusable and dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave safe. Suitable for stainless steel, glass, porcelain, ceramic containers, and more, they are a great alternative to plastic wrap or foil.

* 4 pack;
* 1 x small (9.6 x 9.6cm), 2 x medium (14.5 x 14.5cm), 1 x large (19.3 x 19.3cm);
* food grade silicone;
* BPA Free;
* Eco-friendly;
* Hand wash recommended.


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