Mastercraft Pudding Steamer 2L

Product Description


Mastercraft Heavy Base Pudding Steamer 2L

Bake beautifully traditional steamed desserts, including a wonderful Christmas pudding and savoury suet puddings. Ensure you have a secure grip with riveted stainless steel side handles and a locking lid. This seamless pudding steamer forms part of the MasterCraft award winning bakeware collection that guarantees many years of satisfying cooking and baking.


  • Heavy duty pudding steamer;
  • Capacity 2 litres;
  • Ideal for making steamed desserts including Christmas pudding;
  • Made from carbon steel;
  • Stainless steel handles;
  • Rust resistant;
  • Dishwasher, oven, fridge and freezer safe;
  • Boxed.
$25.00 $29.95